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1. WhelpInitiative (Broschure.pdf)

2. Facing Transcontinental
This project was presented within the scope of "Bridging the Digital Divide" at the world summit of the information society (World Summit on the information Society-WSIS) Tunis Nov in 2005.

3. Zangon Kataf Project Center
(In cooperation with Hon. Mathew Gwazah)

4. Pankshin Center
The Pankshin Center was opened in April 2006. This Center was established in co-operation with Hon. Anthony GOYOL, Charman of the Pankshin Local Government Authority and Captain Abraham ROTSHAK, our partner.

5. WhelpMobile (Juli bis October 2006)
It was possible to provide mobile computer training with a small bus equipped with a generator and PCs. The target groups were youths and adults of Zangon Kataf Constituency (Zangon Kataf and Ikulu).

6. Interview to project 'whelpLinux'
People talk about 'whelpLinux' in Austria.
Kulturkontakt Austria, an Organisation in Austria had an interview with Peter Prohaska; IT - Consultant with Open Media Austria and Coordinator of 'whelpLinux'. The topic of this discussion was on 'bridging the digital divide'.

7. Birnin Gwari Center
The Center in Birnin Gwari about 130km away from Kaduna was opened in 2008 in Collaboration with a local NGO - Birnin Gwari Unity Forum.

8. Whelp Editorial Corner

9. Whelproject