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(A-NI) is a non-governmental and a non- profit organization that aims to initiate economical, educational, and cultural development projects between Austria and Nigeria with a broader view towards the European Union and Africa.

The central concept of A-NI lies in the promotion of Technology transfer between these two countries/ continents. In this way new perspectives can be created for the people of both countries/ continents. We are convinced that the cultural awareness and understanding of Austria and Nigeria will be improved through the following possibilities:

a) The possibility for interested Austrians/ Europeans to reside in Nigeria for a certain period of time and thereby getting to know more about the cultures and people of their host country. During their stay in Nigeria, they are given the chance to pass on their professional knowledge in various fields to Nigerians.
b) The same possibility for descendants of emigrated Nigerians. In this way, they will get to know more about their own roots and cultures.

A-NI will then support everyone interested all along their journey to Nigeria.